A collection of resources for planting a pollinator friendly flower garden, with information on plants that provide food and shelter for the native pollinators around your home.


Pollinator.Org’s Fescue Grassland Ecoregion Planting Guide 

A guide dedicated to the pollinators of the Fescue Grassland region of Alberta, composed of Calgary, Beiseker, Okotoks, Cardston, and High River. It has guides for farms, public land and home gardens, alongside habitat and nesting requirements for various native pollinators. One of the most comprehensive lists out there, it includes the height and color of the flower, the soil conditions and the sun requirements for each plant.


Bee City Canada – Plant a Garden! 

Containing tips such as leaving 10% of your gardening space undisturbed for native bees who live in the ground, Bee City Canada is a great resource for planning out your garden. It also includes a planting guide that indicates which plants are native and links out to a tutorial on building a native bee box. However, be aware that the planting guide is tailored for Southern Ontario and not Alberta.


Alberta Native Plant Council

An organization dedicated to promoting education and awareness on the native plants of Alberta, with lists of rare plants, keys to identifying plants, events dedicated to selling and growing seeds and workshops to learn more.


Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation 

A non-profit organization that works to protect invertebrates and their natural habitats, Xerces has a number of biodiversity resources, identification guides, books and magazines, and ways to get involved in conservation efforts. They have a number of planting guides available for numerous regions across North America.


Wild About Flowers 

A website specializing in the native flowers of Alberta, providing growing and maintenance tips. They sell seeds and seed mixes for both flowers and wild grasses.


Alberta Native Plants 

Another catalogue of seeds for native plants in Alberta, containing information on flowering conditions and propagation to keep your garden looking beautiful. It also includes options to buy the plants in plugs or pots.